Monday, 1 November 2010

Why I Ride (to work)

I started commuting back at school. My school was only 2 miles away but I rode everyday come rain or shine while my friends travelled on the bus. I continued bike commuting into my working life except for a period while my daughter was pre school. Recently I have thought about all the reasons why I love to commute by bike rather than using the car.

The journey times are consistent and you are always in motion
I get to feel my environment everyday.
I see the seasons change
The warmth of the shower after a cold (and possibly damp) ride
Early morning encounters with wild life
For training
For the Friday pub ride with great friends
To feel great both physically and emotionally
To be able to eat a packet of biscuits in one sitting and/or have pudding everyday
To make the first tracks in the snow
For the sunrises
For the sunsets
To save miles on my van
Saves money on petrol and time at the filling pump (although most of this saving is spent on more bike equipment)
Commuter racing (I am very bad at this – I rarely get involved)
Clear time to think about any issues
My best ideas come while I am pedalling

No doubt I have missed some that will come to me while I am pedalling…..

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