Sunday, 21 November 2010

Schwalbe City Jet Review

When I built up the Beta I ordered some cheap tyres to put on it for commuting. I didn't get the ones I ordered but the Cuty Jets as a replacement. At first I was disappointed. On the first few ride they had felt a bit draggy next to my 23mm road tyres. Not surprising really. I mentioned to Mark that as soon as they wore out I would replace them with something else... He laughed, he also has City Jets on his Beta and they look almost new after nearly 2 years of commuting. I knew I was going to have to ride them for a long time. That said they only add 5mins to a 1hr commute. Their biggest weakness is their grip on wet roads. In 10 months of commuting on minor roads I have only had 2 puntures. This is was really brough home to me when today I have had 3 punctures on my 75 mile Sunday ride and that has made 4 punctures of the week on the 23mm road tyres...

So the City Jets have been great commute tyres cheap, hardwaring and good resistance to punctures all of which is good for the commuter.

Their main weakness is grip in the wet but if you accept this and take it steady on those day then all is good...


  1. Just wanted to point out - we aren't recommending these for the Milk Bikes, no way!! They're too slow and crap in the wet. BUT it goes to show how a good set of puncture-resistant tyres really do help. We're going to be running a selection of Germany's finest tyre brands on the prototypes, so watch this space for updates! Cheers, Mark

  2. What cobblers, I have my rear worn into a slick, with cuts showing a red substrate, no adhesion issue at any time of year. Oh should I mention I test them with my 20+stone leant right over so they get punished hard. To call them 'crap' takes no thought, more informative of the tyre and your ability to be critical in a knowledgeable way would be to suggest a comparable tyre and why that is better.