Thursday, 18 November 2010

Alfine Maintenance

Two and a half years ago I got Marks help to design and have made a Titanium hardtail. I wanted the bike to be able to use many forms of drive train so that it was flexible. At the time we decided to go with sliding drop outs to enable the bike to run any of the available hub gears.

The bike also had a derailleur hanger to allow the use of conventional gears. I built myself an Alfine rear wheel for the winter and for the last two winters have ridden it in all conditions. It has been great in both the mud and snow, especially when everyone else has been struggling with temperamental gear changes. In the summer I have run conventional gears and done long epic weekends and local XC races on the bike.

Last weeks Friday MTB commute home via the pub confirmed that it is time to make the switch over to winter Alfine mode, but before I put it on I thought I would look inside the Alfine to see if it needed any maintenance. It was a pleasant surprise to find the insides in excellent condition. I have now given it a clean and a re-grease and hope to get it fitted this weekend ready for another muddy winter.

If it takes this abuse on an MTB the hub is looking like an excellent choice for the commute bike. I only wish I had planned a belt port into the Ti MTB so that it was belt ready. Never mind...

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