Saturday, 23 October 2010

Retro-Reflective Rims

Commuting can be dangerous, especially at night, so we want Milk's Bikes to be the safest out there. We've managed to get our hands on these rims, originally designed and produced for the uber-trendy fixed-gear guys, but also perfect for the first gen of Milk super-commuters... 

There are a few great things about these rims; 
1. They're deep-V and very strong (as well as a bit aero!); 
2. There's no braking surface. Great for fixie riders and disc-only Milk bikes!
3. They're a really dark, utilitarian grey - almost black, in normal lighting, so won't show up too much dirt. And they come into their own when a light is shone on them - check out below: 

Imagine driving along and seeing these going around a round-a-bout ahead of you - you're definitely going to a) notice them, and b) slow down... can only be good!

Monday, 18 October 2010

A few pics

Amazed at how light - and small - the 55T chainring is. Was a little concerned it'd look massive and spoil the look if the bike, but having seen it in the flesh I reckon the bike will look fantastic - can't wait

The Belts Have Landed!

The belts and sprockets for the prototypes have been delivered... Woooo!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Prototypes Ordered

The frame designs have been sorted and we've ordered the prototypes after what feels like months of careful design and deliberation. Every millimeter of the frame has been reviewed and it's really exciting to take that next step and get to build and test the first bikes.

Milk Bikes Prototype Frame Design
I'll post info on some of the details of the design that will make make Milk Bikes stand out from the crowd soon.