Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday Night Adventure

4pm shut down and leave my desk
4:15 meet Martin on the grassy knoll for another Friday adventure
The first roads are full of single commuters in their tin boxes wanting to get home to friends and family.
We are already together as friends chatting over life and laughing together.
We reach quieter roads and enjoy riding side by side and conversation flows freely.
First mini off road section into Ingatestone and the RDA takes it with ease.
Soon we are at the start off an unkown road selected from the map.
We reach the road end and find a no cycling sign on the footpath sign post.
Stealth mode.
Lights off. No talking. Over the stile and onto a new route.
The route is fun. Slipping and sliding down footpaths.
The final section by a blackthorn hedge.
Back on the road.
Lights on.
PUNCTURE... Martin...
Martin faffs. I take the piss.
We hear the call of an owl.
A man asks us what we are doing. Martin has the dirty wheel in his hand and I have the new tube in the other?
All fixed.
On we go.
Another off road section and the RDA flies along with confidence.
Back on the road and heading for the pub. The temperature drops.
Bikes locked.
In the pub. Usual comments about our apparel...
Couple of pints.
Warm clothes on.
Cruise home.
Another Friday adventure over.
Roll on next week. ;-)

Sally's Bike

This was one of the most intricate builds I've done so far - lots of little details to get right - largely because this the first Small build... internal cable routing for gearing, brakes and lights; a kick stand, cross-top levers and a bit of metal-working on the rack. The end result though was something pretty cool.

A few more pics on Flickr too - link on side bar!

Cookie Love

Happy Friday!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tom's Ice-Cold Milk Bike

Finishing touches on Tom's 26" wheeled super-commuter, built to take on the winters in Northern Canada... where they fill Ice Road Truckers!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

On... Off... On... Off...

Delivery from Germany: a switch on/off/able dynamo hub... cycle(geek)chick

Monday, 2 January 2012


With the second Bespoked Bristol show coming up we've got something special in the pipeline. It's still evolving, but the highlight of the project is going to develop and evolve over the next couple of months at this studio in the heart of East London. Artist legend Will Barras - google him if you don't know if him - has been unleashed on an RDA frameset...