Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Quarterre & Milk at Look Mum No Hands!

All of this week the mega-cool Look Mum No Hands cafe on Old Street is hosting a show as part of the annual London Design Festival. Fittingly, the show has been put on by local industrial design team Quarterre who have designed a range of really unique and functional 'bike furniture'. We helped out by supplying 'models' to show how the furniture looks in-use...

The first three products are to do with bike storage - a problem in any major city where space comes at a premium. Check out these website and below for more information about Branchline (below), Shadow and Hood (my favourite).

The guys from Quarterre have put together an amazing display, so if you happen to be in the area do drop by - it'll give you an excuse to have a couple of coffees and maybe even a bit of cake!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Downpour !!

So tonight the BBC weather got it wrong and instead of sunny spells on the way how it was heavy showers. I was doing a long ride round to the club hill climb. It was raining when I left work but half way to the hill climb the heavens opened and there was a deluge that was like standing under a waterfall for about 3-4 mins. I was soaked to the bone and the roads were running like rivers. I decided not to continue to the hill climb as I did not want to get cold standing and headed home through the flooded roads.

It’s days like these that the RDA really makes sense and I know we designed the right product. The disc brakes stop you in the wet. The dynamo light shines while the skys are getting darker. With a chain tonight the lubricant would have been washed off and the last half hour of the ride would have been very noisy. The belt made no noise at all.

Best of all i know I can roll the bike out of the shed tomorrow and not need to do anything except get on and ride ;-)