About Milk

Bikes. The benefits are wide-ranging (think health, cost saving, pollution cutting) and they're quoted all over the place. The drawbacks are pretty minimal really... the weather (which we can't do much about, apart from dress appropriately) and time needed to keep the bike running.

Milk Bikes aims to keep the demands of maintenance to an absolute minimum through careful design and component choice. Our first bike is designed for commuting on. It'll be the kind of bike you can ride to work and back, park it in the shed and forget about it till you need to go to work in the morning - no faffing around in between rides, keeping it working smoothly.

The first prototypes were built up in November 2010 and were tested extensively through the winter. The first production bikes were made available in May 2011 and based on the success of this bike, the RDA, the company has started developing a couple of other bikes.

Oh yeah, why "Milk" you ask?... I'll agree, it might be a strange name for a bike company! The reason for the name goes back a couple decades - and a few thousand miles! - to Zimbabwe. I was born and grew up on a dairy farm not too far from Harare. It was where I first learnt to ride a bike and where my love for bikes grew into an (unhealthy) obsession!