Monday, 6 February 2012

What a few days on the Milk Bikes Part 1 - Friday.

Had another adventure with Martin, and to start with Mike. We went the off road route except I was on the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) commute bike. This bike has been working faultlessly. The ground was frozen solid so there was no problem with traction and the Marathon pluses seemed to work great but I could have done with a bit more volume of air in the tires like my MTB riding friends. We left in the day light and traveled over the old friends of fields that we have not seen for a while. Lights went on and we immediately had to stop for Mike’s ‘budget’ lights. The cable had pulled out of the battery. We decided to make the most of the light and get as far as possible before we had to deal with the light issue. Mike was on a mission anyway as he had had a call from his wife and he had to be home. He split off to stick to the roads and then it was back to just Martin and me. There were times when there would be a posse of 5 of us on this route but times change and now it is only Martin and me who regularly take on the Friday adventure. Tonight we had a goal. There was a beer festival to reach and it was free before 6. Neither of us had the time and we were quite happy rolling through the countryside. We got to the beer festival in Chelmsford, faffed while we locked up and got to the door at 6:01pm You would have hoped that the door men would have seen how much effor we had made to reach them, dressed in our lycra, but they did not care and relieved both of us of £5 to get in. The festival passed as they do knocking back halves of as many unusually named beers as you can. Saying hello to old friends. Talking about this and that. The best visual of the evening was the jumper that hung itself from a window controller however I am sad to say that there is no photographic evidence of the ‘jumpercide’ as the owner was never gone to far... 9pm and it was off to our warm homes and families. Friday commutes are the best. Thanks Martin for being there.


  1. That looks like Dr Black - the author of a great new book that's just been published about the dangerous conditions we have to endure as off-road cyclists in Essex! :) A great read:

  2. Will attempt to make it all the way to the pub next time......