Friday, 10 February 2012

This is why there is Milk Bikes

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know Ice Cold Milk arrived safe and sound a couple of days ago and had its first test ride yesterday.

It was a brisk -20C, but with only a light breeze so thankfully very light windchill. It rode just perfectly straight out the box. Fast and eager on the hard packed skidoo trails, responsive and nimble on some fairly tame single track I was playing on.

The tyres are awesome, I was able to climb a very respectable hill covered in sheet ice that my hard soled Northwave boots just slid on - most impressive.

Only one minor off, which was more a case of speed overcoming talent! Ice Cold Milk giving me too much confidence on a narrow tree lined section of single track.

The hub gears worked faultlessly and the belt seemed super smooth.

All in all a first class build.

The Fatbike snow bikes are big here, and undoubtedly they would have me on fresh snow, but anything even remotely packed as most of the trails are, and I'll leave them in my ice crystals!?

Thanks for the kind note you sent through with the bike, glad to be able to support someone who so obviously cares about the bikes they build, instead of the soulless big brand names - so terribly dull!!

Best regards,

Tom and Ice Cold Milk!

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