Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fragile Road Bikes

Very mixed morning commute this morning.

+ Beautiful morning Sky
+ Met up with an old friend and had a good chat
- Punctured :(

Back on my training bike as the Milk Bike commute bike is out on test at the moment. My training bike is a nice bike. In fact it's my old race bike from the early 90's however it feels really fragile now for my daily commute verses the Milk Bike. I'm having to remember to charge batteries every day, check the chain for oil, brake a lot earlier as the brakes are not as good due to the dirty roads and finally the skinny tyres that this morning let me down. I don't like puncturing at the best of times but on my commute it always feels like a real pain... On the milk bike I have not had a single puncture yet in 500 miles. Been back on the training bike for 3 days and had my first puncture already.

Can't wait to have my Milk Bike back.

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