Monday, 5 March 2012

Adventure Race Result

So the makeshift mapholder held up through all the rain and the ADL once again made me feel very sure footed on the trail. Easily taking on drops that I would otherwise have faltered at. The only issue I had was one a created. I lost all brakes with over 1 hour to go. I should have put new pads in on Saturday. This meant that for the last hour I had to run down every hill in my bike shoes and because of that I now have black toe nails and expect to lose them soon.

It is at least 2 years since my last race so I was pleased with the result. We finished 3rd in the Male pairs category although we were very late back and got penalised for that. My navigate was a bit rusty but on the whole we were going in the right direction.

Think I might do one again soon. Link to results below.

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