Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Alfine 11-speed Proto Photo Shoot

Finally got the black prototype rebuilt with the Alfine 11-speed wheelset and Versa VRS-11 shifters... Colour scheme this time is decidedly Friesian; looks really good actually... more on flickr soon.


  1. Looks great, when will frames be available?

  2. Hi Milk bikes team,

    I saw your article in Cycling active and wanted to wish you good luck. I think you have a winning formula there (no pun intended!)

    I am a commuter cyclist and have been honing my own bike for years. What it actually seems to be gravitating to is exactly what you are trying to create and I will be very interested in the pricing and to see the finished steed.

    Derailleurs are a pain to keep in trim month on month and charging lights up (and keeping battery life good) is an art too, so Hub gears, Dynamo hub, mudguards and pannier rack; all on a sporty lightweight frame is a winner. I go through 2 chains a year too so the belt drive is tempting. Put a Brooks saddle on it and my credit card is ready!

    I really hope you succeed!

  3. Hi Guys, thanks for the comments!!

    Rhode Long, I hate bike maintenance too - these bikes cut out a huge amount of it. And, when we do have to do a bit of work on them you don't get covered in grease and grime coz there isn't any! =)

    Framesets will be available in May, so not too long now!! Milk will be able to build up complete bikes too, according to your own spec (but don't stress - we can give you a hand with that and suggest kit to suit your needs!)

    If you need to know any more just drop me a line - cheers!
    Mark (Milk Bikes)

  4. Hi again, will the frames be available through any US shops/distributors?

    Looking forward to getting my hands on a frameset.

    Thanks, Jason

  5. Hi Jason,

    Not yet, but you will be able to buy them direct from Milk Bikes in the UK - we can ship virtually anywhere world-wide (only takes a couple of days!)