Thursday, 9 December 2010

The first weeks commuting

I have a days holiday tomorrow so this weeks commuting is done. I have ridden the new bike on 3 of the 4 days (rode the MTB on Wednesday as it had to go in the car on the way into work)

The week has not been the greatest to commute due to the concern with ice on the roads which means I have had to stick to the main roads. Even then there has been plenty of ice on the surface and it has been a bit of a nervous week. To prove a point tonight I helped a motorist who had managed to get his car into a ditch. Fortunately he was OK but the cars was going nowhere.

First impressions of the bike are good. The design has eliminated all of the short comings of the Beta bike.

- I can get a rack on the rear and still have a rear disc brake.
- The geometry of the frame is excellent and makes for a very comfortable ride on the road.
- The Marathon Plus tyres have way more grip than the city slickers on the beta which has been very comforting this week.
- The Gates Belt Drive has been silent and has meant that I have not had to use oil all week.
- The dynohub means I have not had to charge batteries.

It has been everything Mark and I always discussed for the ultimate commute bike. A bike you can take out every morning and just ride. I can't wait til the roads are a bit more predictable to ride and then I can do some longer rides home and get used to riding the bike at a bit greater speed.

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